Contrary to popular belief, we do not show up at your house the day after you contact us with materials in hand and plans magically drawn up. Trust us—if we did that, it would be OUR ideas and measurements, but we want YOUR dreams and goals to be achieved—including any "nearly impossible" ideas you have! Please understand that we are typically booked out with client meetings a month or so in advance. Feel free to send us any and all ideas you have envisioned for your space, as this will help us create a space that is tailored to please you and meet your needs. Trust the process.

Remodeling and construction are dusty endeavors, but we strive to reduce and control that process in every way we can. We set up floor protection, move furniture, install temporary dust walls, and turn on our air scrubbers before we ever begin actual construction. 

Please ask questions along the way if you're curious or if something doesn’t make sense. We love to explain the whys and hows, and there is a method to everything we do. Be honest—and we will too! If something is wrong (or looks wrong), tell us up front so we can address the issue efficiently. We will be sure to let you know if we discern a potential problem or a better option along the way.

what to expect

Fill out our HOME OWNER contact form to get the process started.

Once we receive your inquiry, Matt (owner/designer) will contact you to discuss the scope of your project.


We will work through the big-picture ideas and logistical details that present themselves on our first walk-through.

Your wish list, budget, must-haves and dreams are essential elements of success for us to capture during this phase.

Allow a minimum of one hour for this step of the process. (More time may be necessary based on project scope.)

site visit

We require a design deposit (nonrefundable but applied to the cost of your project). This investment will provide you with an initial design proposal customized to fit your goals, a plan that will include accurate pricing. Matt will personally review the design proposal with you to identify, explain and eliminate foreseeable challenges. All of this collaboration on the front end of the project enables us to create a firm budget and build a realistic schedule and efficient workflow, setting you up for a great remodel experience.


Agree upon a start date.
(A 10% retainer, which is required, reserves your place on our schedule.)

Don't worry—at this stage we are working on your project even though your house is quiet. . . .

As our start date approaches, we will reach out to keep you in the loop on any updates and confirm you are ready for us to arrive.


Work on your home commences—fun day!

We typically work normal business hours (8 a.m. to 5 p.m.), occasionally earlier, sometimes later (i.e., if we have wet concrete that needs leveling or need to finish hooking up your toilet).

Day one includes steps that are essential for adequate floor, air and furniture protection—before demo ever begins. Protecting your home is one of many aspects of our services that we take very seriously. 


We typically don’t have a long “punch list” as we finalize our projects; any details that need special attention will be addressed.

Enjoy! This is the part where we leave and you get to show off your beautiful space, which is bittersweet for us, because we don’t know when we will get to see you again. We hope it's sooner than later, because as you have invested in your home, you also have invested in our livelihood. Honoring your investment and the relationships we build with all of our clients is a big part of who we are: labore et honore.